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    HS419 (02M419) Landmark High School
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    HS419 (02M419) Landmark High School
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    HS419 (02M419) Landmark High School
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    HS419 (02M419) Landmark High School
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    HS419 (02M419) Landmark High School

Admissions 2016-17

Admissions 2016-2017   Click here Sign up for our Open House Notifications 

Welcome, Prospective Students and Families!  
Landmark High School is a collaborative and diverse community of learners.  We employ a project-based curriculum to prepare students to be successful in all aspects of college and their careers.  We nourish a strong sense of community through advisory and encourage independence, mastery, and empowerment. Our goal is for our students to graduate ready to navigate the world and succeed in the future endeavors. Click here for  PARENT AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT   
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Tuesday, March 21st

5:30 - 6:45 pm 

Program Description: Academic Portfolio-based Assessment.


Admissions Priorities
1. Priority to Manhattan students or residents
2. Then to New York City residents
School Code: M419
Any questions please feel free to contact our Assistant Principal, Siu Chan at