School-wide Grading Policy


School-wide Grading Policy


The purpose of the school-wide grading policy is to create consistency across classes and to reinforce our school-wide values.  The values represented in the grading policy are as follows:


  • Academic factors are weighted more heavily than non-academic factors

  • Grades are used to measure and reflect what students know and can do

  • Performance-based assessments (ie unit projects and mini-PBATs) are a better measure of student progress than high-stakes tests

  • Teachers measure student understanding on an ongoing basis, not simply at the end of the unit

  • Non-academic factors, such as work habits and citizenship, play a role in students’ success

The school-wide grading policy is as follows:


  • Summative Assessments: Projects/Tests/Quizzes/Mini-PBATs (35%-50%)

  • Formative assessments: Classwork (Do Now, Notes, Discussion, Exit slips), Notebook checks (35-50%)

  • Work habits: Homework, preparedness (5-15%)

  • Citizenship: Collaboration and participation (10-20%)

Specific percentages, within the ranges above, are determined by each grade team.


The school-wide advisory grading policy is as follows:


  • Circles: Participation, active listening, following directions (20-30%)

  • Citizenship: Participation in team building activities, trips, assessments, and homeroom (20-30%)

  • Academic Check-ins: Engagement and participation in weekly check-ins (20-30%)

  • Grade-specific category (20-30%)

    • 9th grade: Peer Health

    • 10th grade: My Future PBAT

    • 11th grade: College Process

    • 12th grade: College Process

Jupiter Grades


Jupiter Grades is a great way to keep up with assignments, grades, and increase communication between parents and teachers.  As an online grade book this website allows parents and students to check current grades in every class with one individual log in.

Teachers upload grades and assignments to Jupiter Grades on a weekly basis. Communication between teachers and parents will also be enhanced by using available emails and text-message notifications.


Through increased communication, we can motivate each student to reach his/her full potential with a unified effort from all parts of his/her life.

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