Landmark High School is hiring for the Spring Semester 2020. 



Special Education Teacher

The ideal candidate will be comfortable teaching science classes with a general education science teacher in the integrated co-teaching class (ICT) model

Dance / Arts Teacher

A small school, we have flexibility in our arts offerings, and are accepting applications for dance, music, theater and / or visual arts. The ideal candidate will be able to design and implement course offerings that are engaging and relevant to students throughout their four years of high school.


Candidates must possess valid NYS certification and be eligible to work in NYC.

In addition, the ideal candidate will possess:

- commitment to helping a diverse group of students meet ambitious goals

- desire to collaborate closely with colleagues
- willingness to act as an advisor for 15-18 students
- strong classroom management skills

About Landmark

Landmark High School is located in the Bayard Rustin building on 18th street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, Founded in 1994 as one of the first small, non-traditional high schools in New York City, Landmark has stayed true to its progressive roots.  We are first and foremost a collaborative and diverse community of learners.  Our teachers work diligently to create project-based curricula that challenge students intellectually and prepare them for college and careers.  We nourish a strong sense of community and we encourage independence, mastery, and empowerment.  Our students graduate ready to navigate the world and succeed in future endeavors.


As a member of the New York Consortium, we have a state waiver from the Regents examinations.  Our students take only the English Regents, and must complete four rigorous Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) in order to graduate, one in each core subject area.  In history, for example, students must complete an independent historical research paper that demonstrates their ability to think critically and analyze historical evidence.  In science, students must research, design, and implement an independent scientific experiment and share their findings in the style of a scientific journal article.  For each PBAT, students must present and defend their work to a committee of teachers.  We strongly believe that our PBAT process prepares students for college, as it focuses on strengthening students’ reading, writing, research, critical thinking, and presentation skills.


At Landmark, we value the building of strong relationships between students and staff.  Our advisory program helps to cultivate a family-like environment in the school because every teacher serves as an advisor to approximately fifteen students.  Through our advisory program, we focus on non-academic skills, including responsibility, team building, collaboration, goal-setting, and social-emotional development.  Teachers advocate for and monitor the progress of their advisees, and serve as the first point of contact for their advisees’ parents. 

To Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to

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