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Choice Classes


Landmark offers an assortment of "choice classes" to foster community engagement and promote self expression.  Here is just a sample of how much we offer:


You will learn to safely ride a bike in the City, the basics of bike repair, and a little bit about Urban Planning and designing safe streets



Do you love the sport of boxing? Do you want to get into shape and learn boxing technique? If so, join the boxing elective! Only sign up if you are willing to WORK or else it will be a WASTE of time. During class we will jump rope, do push-ups, sit ups, hit the focus pads, and learn boxing technique. You will work up a sweat and get in better shape...but only if YOU are up to the challenge

Script Ed Computer Programming:

Interested in computers? ScriptEd is a New York-based program that places professionals in the technology industry to volunteer in schools to teach students how to code. Participants in the program will be eligible for a paid summer internship at a tech company based in the City. Priority will be given to Sophomores and Juniors. This is a year long program where students will learn multiple computer languages, participate in field trips to different tech companies throughout the city and get advice on how to succeed in one of the fastest growing money-making industries out there.


Flex NYC (Dance Program):

FlexNYC partners with students in an examination of social justice through flexn, a form of street dance with roots in Jamaican brukup found in dance halls and reggae halls.  Dancers explore with students the variety of flexn styles, including pausing, snapping, gliding, bone breaking, and connecting.  Students celebrate the dance movement as a universal platform for self-expression—tackling issues on the block and around the world. Program concludes with public performances that highlight students’ progress and amplify their voices and stories.


RISE Athletics:

The CrossFit philosophy identifies 10 General Physical Skills — cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy — and strives to develop these attributes in order to achieve an optimal fitness level. Thus, we incorporate elements of sprinting, weightlifting, and gymnastics into our training regimen.


We also offer a great selection of clubs that takes place during and after school. At the start of both the first and second semesters, Landmark holds a club fair for the students. Here is a list of clubs and activities we currently have running:

  • Student Council

  • Senior Committee

  • Peer Mediation

  • African American Club

  • Slam Poetry

  • Book Club

  • Dance Club

  • Be Brave Girls Club

  • Computer Club

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