Landmark High School

Family Outreach

Mission Statement

¨Landmark High School is a collaborative and diverse community of learners.  We employ a projectbased curriculum to prepare students to be successful in all aspects of college and their careers. We nourish a strong sense of community through advisory and encourage independence, mastery, and empowerment. Our goal is for students to graduate ready to navigate the world and succeed in future endeavors. Landmark Core Values:  

Landmark Core Values:  

Better Self, Better Community, Better World


Mission & Values


Parent Association's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Landmark H.S Parent Association offers a variety of resources to assist families in their children's education.  


What PAs Can Do?


Parent Association can play a pivotal role in how the standards are put in place at the state and district levels. PA leaders are encouraged to meet with their school, district and/or state administrators to discuss their plans to implement the standards and how their PTA can support that work.

The goal is that PTAs and education administrators will collaborate on how to share the guides with all of the parents and caregivers in their states or communities.

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