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Week of January 11 Update 


This was a deeply challenging week. We saw terror, white supremacy and lawlessness on display in the attack on the Capitol. We confronted images heartbreaking because they were shocking and also because they echoed patterns that have been ever-present in our society. I felt particularly grateful to be part of this community. Staff got together quickly to make plans for how to support you and lead classes the very next day. Their concern for you is a constant and you can count on them being there for you. I was impressed by the discussions in those classes. Students engaged extraordinarily thoughtfully - drawing connections to classes and demonstrating Landmark’s core values. We also saw sources of hope in the news. Powerful black-led organizing in Georgia led to unprecedented voter turn-out in the election of two new Senators. On Friday, the City opened a new phase of vaccinations - for people 75 and older and first responder City workers - a step towards defeating COVID.


I am glad that this week, we have a chance to come together, catch our breath, catch up in our classes and look forward to the future. 


Wednesday and Thursday are make-up days. There are office hours starting at noon to meet with teachers for help. 


On Wednesday at 2pm will be a school-wide restorative retreat. We will get together as a whole school. Then you choose an activity that will make you feel good. The options will range from games to humor to meditation to discussions to art. 


Friday is our first annual career day. You will hear from panels of professionals in an area of your choice. Please make sure to join the Career Day Google Classroom (invite code flmrhwg), complete the preference sheet and career day advisory assignment beforehand.


Next Monday is Martin Luther King’s day. Dr. King once said, “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” A powerful thing you can do this week, and on the day we pause for him, is to take good care of yourself and fight to hold on to hope.


Week ahead

Monday Jan 11- Yellow


Tuesday Jan 12- Blue


Wednesday Jan 13 - make-up and restorative retreat day

*office hours 12-2pm

*restorative retreat 2-3pm

*School Leadership Team @ 5:30 all welcome


Thursday Jan 14 - make-up day

*office hours 12-2pm


Friday Jan 15 - Career Day

*Please make sure to join the Career Day Google Classroom (invite code flmrhwg), complete the preference sheet and career day advisory assignment.


Monday Jan 18 MLK Day (No School)

January 13th-14th Makeup days

January 15th Career Day 

January 18th Martin Luther King Jr Day ( no school) 


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