PBAT submission

Instructions for submitting PBAT

After your Graduation PBAT has been officially signed-off and you no longer need any edits, it is time to submit your PBAT.  To do so, follow these instructions:


1. From Landmarkhs.org, mouse over “Students” then click "PBAT Submission" from the drop down menu. Once on the page click on the                                       Button

2. Next to “I am a . . .” choose “Student - I am submitting my PBAT”.










3. Find your name.  Names are listed alphabetically, type the first letter of your last name to skip down to your section.

4. Select your PBAT Teacher's name.

5. Choose the Subject Area of the PBAT you are submitting.

6. Click on the ADD FILE link below the “Upload your PBAT file as ...” title.  Locate your PBAT file and double-click it.

(Note: If you typed your written work in Google Docs, you may need to download the file as a .pdf first, before uploading the file here.)

7. Click Submit.







Congratulations!  You have submitted your Graduation PBAT.


Good luck on your presentation.  Practice your presentation, get good sleep, eat a good breakfast and warm-up your brain before your presentation.

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Submit PBAT instructions