Landmark High School

Our Staff

Our teachers work diligently to create project-based curricula that challenge students intellectually and prepare them for college and careers.  We nourish a strong sense of community and we encourage independence, mastery, and empowerment.

Landmark High School General Information

Address: 351 West 18th Street              

                  NY, New York 10011                

Main Office: (212) 647-7410 ext 4161

General Info e-mail: 

Landmark Leadership

Susanna Tenny


Mika Kinoshita

Assistant Principal

Siu Chan

Assistant Principal

Landmark Guidance

Guinelle Williams

9th | 10th Grade Counselor

Karina Simancas

11th | 12th Grade Counselor

de-qui kioni-sadiki

SPARKS Counselor

Landmark Math Team

Naomi Hawkins

9th Grade Math

Mario Simonelli 

10th grade Math

Shannon Guglielmo

11th Grade Math

Kelvin Smith

12th Grade Math

Landmark Science Team

Nick Sylvester

9th Grade Science

Sharon Ng

10th Grade Science

Peter Lim

11th Grade Science

Mimi Gupta

12th Grade Science

Landmark Social Studies Team

Gianna Lundy

11th Grade Social Studies

Alexandria Tom

9th Grade Social Studies

Theo Cachola

12th Grade Social Studies

Landmark English Team

Rachel Dillon 

9th Grade English

Jon Christensen

10th Grade English

Sarah Harrington


Julie Masarof

11th Grade English

Zack Hammer

12th Grade English

Landmark Special education Team

Julie Z. Rosenberg

Special Education

Houdda Balouch

Special Education

Anna Fields

Special Education 

Nastaran Khoshab

Special Education

Jeremy Pasker 

Special Education

Sean Mullane

Special Education

Mohamed Ibrahim

Special Education

Ally Grinfeld

Speech Therapist

Landmark language + Phys Education + Visual Arts + music

laura marie thompson


Patreece Randall

Sign Language

Lenny Lomangino

Physical Education

Midori & Friends


Landmark support Team

Keeshanah Blackman


Lourdes Rivera

Pupil Accounting Secretary

Joel Canela

Dean/ Parent Coordinator

Marylin Nettles


Alex Boucher

School Aide

Dominique Reid


Damaris Romero


Sara Hendrickson

College Advisor 

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