Landmark High School strives to present students with  diverse, rigorous learning. Below please see summaries of department mission statements


All students must complete four Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) -- one each in English, Social Studies, Math, and Science --  in order to graduate from Landmark High School, as per the requirements of the New York Consortium.  For more information on the Consortium, please visit their website: 


Each PBAT is a rich task, where students need to demonstrate not just mastery of the specific content, but also proficiency in reading complex texts, research skills, and critical thinking.


Grading Policy


The purpose of the school-wide grading policy is to create consistency across classes and to reinforce our school-wide values.  The values represented in the grading policy are as follows:

Students working in algebra

Math at Landmark focuses on culturally responsive-sustaining education (CR-SE) coupled with rigorous standards-based instruction. Our curriculum is project-driven to ensure students have experiences working on longer projects to prepare for their graduation math PBAT. 


Our department strongly believes that everyone has a mathematical identity and we foster this identity through promoting student agency and student-choice based on their interests. 

English Class group work

The  Landmark  English department strives to promote engagement with the stories of those who have been traditionally left out of the dominant narrative of literature. 

Social Studies 

Social Studies classes across all grades at Landmark celebrate the experiences of those who have been traditionally left out of the dominant narrative of history. 

Social studies classwork

We as a science team believe that science literacy is necessary to be a conscientious citizen in our ever changing world.  In a society where there is an overabundance of information, it is imperative for all our students to have an understanding of scientific concepts and be able to think like scientists.  


Students listening to a guest speaker
Diana working with students
Foreign Languages

Landmark offers American Sign Language and Spanish

10th grade American Sign Language 

11th grade and Spanish 1 or Native Spanish Arts

We offer a two year learning cycle for students to learn and develop cross-cultural skills and understandings and be able to communicate with Deaf individuals or Spanish speakers, who have a rich history and culture.

College now and Ap work
Early College and AP Courses

A member of AP for All, Landmark offers AP classes in grades 10-12. 2022-23 offerings will include AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Seminar, and AP US History.

Landmark offers College Now classes at Landmark and on College campuses. Landmark students can take College Now classes starting in 10th grade, and can graduate with up to 15 college credits. 





We deeply believe imagination and hope are muscles to celebrate and build a beloved community.

Landmark honors all forms of art - dancing, sports, cooking, murals, crochet, music, printmaking, gardening, henna, and more.

Enarys Artist at Work
Physical Education 

Health and physical education are centra  l to students' well-being.

Landmark students complete two semester-long health classes: a cooking and nutrition class and a health topics class.

Our physical education classes take advantage of our building's gyms, fitness and weight machines and yoga studios, as well as the outdoors. Students have options to take dance and yoga classes, and to participate on our campus PSAL teams.

girls volleyball
Diana working with students
Restorative Justice

Landmark High School is committed to creating a safe environment for students and staff using Restorative Practices. Aligned with a vision for racial equity, we believe that discipline policies that rely on punitive practices lead to disproportionate outcomes for Black and Lantinx students. We use community  building strategies to create a culture of accountability and safety using the restorative practices.