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Math Casino day. Several students in the library on casino day_

Math at Landmark focuses on culturally responsive-sustaining education (CR-SE) coupled with rigorous standards-based instruction. Our curriculum is project-driven to ensure students have experiences working on longer projects to prepare for their graduation math PBAT. 


Our department strongly believes that everyone has a mathematical identity and we foster this identity through promoting student agency and student-choice based on their interests. 


We feel that a focus on deep understanding of the concepts will come from investigation, connecting prior knowledge and communications of ideas within the class community. Some ways students showcase their sense of collaborative learning and mathematical thinking is through class discussion, fishbowls, partner protocols, and student-led instruction. Our typical sequence includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Statistics with an option for Calculus during 12th grade. Students who have passed Algebra 1 can start with Geometry in 9th grade.

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