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Our school strives to challenge and expand our students learning. We foster a strong sense of community and encourage students to explore their interests. 


Landmark offers a variety of clubs at various time to meet and expand students interests. 

Don't see a club you want? Recruit 8 other participants and find a teacher to advise the club. 

Check out our club page for all our offerings

Student council picnic students and teachers at Chelsea park
Student Handbook

The 2022-23 Landmark High School Student Handbook contains the information that you need to know as a student at Landmark.

Please click the link below to read the 2022-23 Landmark HS student handbook.

Students working with teacher in biology
JV Basketball team

This is your a list of PSAL sports that Landmark participates in through the BREC Campus

PSAL Sports 

Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling, Baseball, Tennis, Intramural Softball

Bucknell University college trip
College Corner

This is your one stop shop for resources, programs, events, and information regarding all college access opportunities, as well as the college application process.

Student Supports

We are here to support you with any needs you have in or out of school. You can always go to your advisor, any counselor, or any administrator when you need help of any kind. 

This table is a quick guide of our main point person at Landmark, and a few good out-of-school resources.

More information and resources for students and families are at Landmark Resources . The students handbook is at

The student handbook page.     



Click Button for list of supports

Broadway trip

Landmark offers a variety of opportunities with outside programs and organizations. This page lists various opportunities for Students.

Landmark students on Panel
Miller the therapy dog walking landmark hall with students
Bell Schedule  

This is the official daily bell Schedule at Landmark High School 

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