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We are first and foremost a collaborative and diverse community of learners.  We nourish a strong sense of community and we encourage independence, mastery, and empowerment. 

Jupiter Grades


Jupiter Grades is a great way to keep up with assignments, grades, and increase communication between parents and teachers.  As an online grade book this website allows parents and students to check current grades in every class with one individual log in.

Teachers upload grades and assignments to Jupiter Grades on a weekly basis. Communication between teachers and parents will also be enhanced by using available emails and text-message notifications.


Through increased communication, we can motivate each student to reach his/her full potential with a unified effort from all parts of his/her life.

PBAT Submission


AFTER your Graduation PBAT has been officially signed-off and you no longer need any edits, it is time to submit your PBAT to the Graduation Committee.  To do so, click on one of the following links:

Academics Page


A great resource to find graduation requirements, our grading policy, and other important information.

PBAT REsources
Your one-stop-shop to all the information pertaining to Performance Based Tasks (PBATs). Here you will find examples of finished work and other useful content.
College Corner

The journey to college starts right here. Find important dates, scholarship opportunities, and more.

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